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Dare To Believe, Girl!

Then Jesus said to her, “Daughter, because you dared to believe, your faith has healed you. Go with peace in your heart, and be free from your suffering!”

You can lay hold of your healing at any moment, Girl. Dare to believe! You can be free from your suffering at any moment, Girl. Dare to believe! The scriptures prior to the theme scripture in today’s devotional tell us of a certain woman who had a certain disease. She had done all she knew to do to get well. In fact, in her efforts to get well, she had even consulted with experts who couldn’t help her. Unfortunately for her,  all of their expert advice left her worse than she was when she sought them! It wasn’t until this woman got a REVELATION of who Jesus was and what He could do that her life changed.

She SAW Him for who He was; WHO HE IS! She SAID things to herself that magnified Him and not her problem. Then she SEIZED the moment. This woman stepped out on faith and took a BOLD, DARING risk. Despite her current CONDITION, she had an image of her future. Not only that, but she KNEW who could make her image, her VISION, a reality. So what did she do? She put VOICE to her VISION. Hallelujah! Did you hear what I said? I think I’ll say it again. She put VOICE to her VISION! Glory to God!! It takes VOICE and VISION to get the VICTORY, GIRL! This woman had her eyes and her mouth wide open!! She saw her victory IN HIM. She spoke words of faith to herself over and over again. She said it. She saw it. She saw it. She said it. I hope you are getting how powerful and important what you see and say is, Girl!

This woman used her VISION AND VOICE to get her VICTORY. See, her VICTORY was found in Jesus. Her healing was in HIM! The very moment that she DARED TO BELIEVE, she RECEIVED! Faith healed her. Faith in what she was seeing-VISION. Faith in what she was saying-VOICE. Faith in Jehovah Rapha, The Healer! HE WAS HER VICTORY! I John 5:4 puts it like this, ‘You see, every child of God overcomes[a] the world, for our faith is the victorious power that triumphs over the world.” HE IS YOUR VICTORY! FAITH IS OUR VICTORY, GIRL! Dare to believe. ONLY BELIEVE, GIRL!

So, I ask you today, where is your faith, Girl? Will you dare to believe like this woman did? Will you dare to trust that Jesus is your healer? Will you SEIZE YOUR MOMENT TO TOUCH HIM, GIRL? Will you get a vision for living a HEALED and WHOLE LIFE? I’m talking about THE ZOE LIFE that He has promised you.Will you SEEK THAT LIFE or will you SETTLE for less than He’s promised you? Will you be bold and courageous enough to go for it like she did? IF you do, WHEN you do, your heart will be filled with his peace and you will be free from your suffering. Push through everything that is trying to hinder and stop you, Girl. Get away from folks who don’t have what you need. HE came to give you peace, heal you and set you free, Girl. HE HAS EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED! Press into Him. Touch Him today and seize your moment! Dare to believe, Girl. ONLY BELIEVE!!

Dare To Believe, Girl!

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