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Towina's  Story

 Towina M. Jones is a kingdom representative. She is endowed with a multidimensional and multifaceted grace, which allows her to function in many different capacities. Towina is a dynamic   author, coach, counselor, and speaker with a distinctive message delivery.   she operates in spirit and in truth.   her authentic and captivating style reaches across boundaries, affording her opportunities to connect effectively, intentionally, and skillfully with various audiences. 


Towina builds people up. She bridges the gap between past and present realities by shedding light on promised realities and timeless truths. She comes in peace, but also brings the heat!   Towina is blessed and she is also a   blessing.    


She is devoted to the cause of Christ and intentional in her efforts to glorify and magnify him. Towina leads by example with love and a level head.  she finds fulfillment in impacting and influencing others with integrity. She utilizes inspiration, motivation, and impartation of revelation to facilitate transformation. Towina engages the process of connecting and reflecting as a tool to   stimulate   refining and thriving. she consistently and persistently energizes and empowers others. 


Towina has an exceptional ability to meet people where they are while challenging them to move to the next level. She is no stranger to obstacles and is adept at overcoming and helping others do the same.  This has earned her a distinguished reputation as a catalyst and champion of change.


Towina is tough and tender. As a breast cancer survivor, she recovered and reclaimed her passion for life.  Towina eagerly awaits an opportunity to impart a wealth of grace and truth to those who desire to be blessed by her presence and benefit from her services.   she is a wealthy well of God's wisdom, always ready to energize and empower others to embrace, engage, and enjoy the revolutionary glory, grace, and goodness of God. 

Towina M. Jones
Kingdom Representative
Author ~Coach ~Counselor 
Speaker ~ overcomer
Thriving survivor

© 2017 Towina M. Jones 


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