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America is not great

It’s full of unGodly pride and deeply rooted hate. Tell me now, what will be our fate? 

Will we fall to our knees and pray Lord forgive us all 

or will we continue to build these impenetrable walls? 

These walls must fall! 

They must come crashing down; we can’t continue running round and round in this rat race that keeps us stuck in place. 

Let me say this again, America is not great. 

It’s full of unGodly pride and deeply rooted hate. 

At any rate, there may still be time to wipe the slate. 

Wipe it, wipe it, wipe it clean; I mean really wipe it until it gleams. 

Do you get it? 

Do you truly know what I mean? America can glimmer; oh yes as a country we can glisten, but only if we begin to listen.

Listen to the Lord, listen to each other, listen to that voice inside of us that truly knows right from wrong; this is part of what will make this country strong, annihilate the senseless unGodly pride and deeply rooted hate, and hopefully one day, make America great. 

Oh America, I know you want to be great, but sadly we are not. We can’t be. We won’t be. Lest we get this hatred out of our hearts and do our part to make all this foolishness stop. UnGodly pride, and deeply rooted hate, Lord please bring it to naught. 

Dear America, it’s time to surrender where we’ve been for where we need to go.  America, America, when will you finally decide to grow? Continued deception and division don’t look good on you; don’t you know times are trying and people are dying?

Again I say, America is not great. It’s full of pride and hate. Let us all examine ourselves. We must forgo the evil we’ve been shown. Pluck up the devilish seeds that we each have sown. Dismiss the us vs. them song and dance. It’s time to get right America. It’s time to change our ways. 

Dear America will you please wake up and put away your useless unGodly pride and ridiculous deeply rooted hate before you find out it’s truly too late. Then maybe, just maybe one day America can truly become great. 

Towina M. Jones 

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