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Black Women-Beautiful Black Queens

From my heart to yours

Dear black women, today is our day! I appreciate you. I celebrate you. I love you. I respect you. I salute you.

We are breakers, bridges, and builders. Holding it down in the bedroom,

board-room, and on the block. Giving and giving and giving yet hardly ever getting back a lot. We attempt to do it all. We answer call after call. Even when the weight gets heavy, we find a way to STILL STAND TALL.

We must keep going. We must keep doing amazing, supernatural things. My sister, we are the bedrock of practically everything! We are divinely supreme, goddesses of goodness, beautiful black Queens.

Black women, beautiful black Queens, we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. Don’t give up my sister. Don’t give in girl. Don’t give out Queen. The world needs the light you bring.

Yes, we are blatantly neglected, rarely protected, and all too often grossly disrespected; but none of that can stop us from having what’s expected. My sister, insist, resist, persist! It will all be worth the long, arduous fight.

Black women, you are LOVE. You are LIGHT. You are LIFE. Black Queens, stay in the fight, keep your mind right, and rest assured that it’s ALL going to be alright.

~Towina M. Jones


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